Daimu K.                                              Tattoo Artist


What's up its D!


I'm someone who's always had my head buried in  sketchbooks growing up. Drawing creatures, cars, and landscapes that formed in my imagination was the best way I could escape my own mind.

After years of unhappiness working for corporate employers, I began to explore a variety of different creative outlets, searching from the something real. From playing piano and drums, breakdancing, barbering, and even restoring/ repainting automobiles.  

After a long hiatus from the sketchbook, I realized that creating artwork is not only a great outlet to express myself, but it offered me the opportunity to do something many people search for their entire lives for;


To do something they're passionate about, everyday.


Working at Pleasure and Pain for just over a year, I have fully embraced the tattoo culture and lifestyle.

I will continue to forge my skills through hard work, learning everything I can along my path.


-Daimu currently specializes in small to medium size black and grey pieces, blackwork, traditional, and linework.












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