Kaela (Kae) Powers

(Tattoo Apprentice)

Growing up in an artist household, I was surrounded by arts and crafts on a daily basis. Little did I know that this environment would eventually spark a lifelong journey in the field of art.


It was around the age of fourteen that I started to become more exposed to the world of tattooing. The whole ideation attracted me... so I started getting tattooed so I could spend more time in shops.

Eventually to art school, and spent the following years focusing in on realism oil paintings. I spent the next couple years after this working corporate jobs that just never satisfied me. After three years of pushing it aside, I said screw it and left to begin my lifelong journey of studying tattooing.

Being at Pleasure and Pain has opened many doors for me and continues to. I am forever grateful to be in this industry and thankful to all my clients who give me the opportunity to grow as an artist.

Kae is currently specializing in small & medium sized American traditional pieces, black and grey, and line work.









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