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Doc Pain all natural tattoo and piercing aftercare product design by Lance Ballantyne Beauty in the Balance

Piercing Aftercare


The biggest cause of infection is touching your piercing with dirty hands. (This will only prolong the healing process!)

If you need to touch your piercing, make sure your hands have been cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial soap.


Clean your piercing 2-3 times daily for 2 weeks ONLY with an antibacterial solution.

*Doc pain piercing aftercare spray* is a good product to use and is specially formulated for piercings.

DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR PEROXIDE on your piercings. (These products will damage tissues and prolong the healing process.)


Spray your jewelry as well as the q-tip with antibacterial solution. (Make sure there is no discharge or "crusties" around your jewelry.)

Do not move or rotate your piercing/implant; your bodies own mechanical movement will do it. (you don’t want to damage the area.)


After the 2 weeks STOP using the antibacterial solution. ONLY USE A Q-TIP and some hot water to clean your jewelry.


Tongue and Web Piercings

Rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day with mouthwash for 7 days, and eat or drink anything cold with a lot of ice cubes (ie. slushies & popsicles) to help with swelling/ pain.

If at any point you feel the piercing is swollen to a point where it is restricting your breathing, remove the jewelry and/or contact us or see a physician right away.


For any further questions, please contact us!


Tattoo Aftercare


*Always follow the advice of YOUR artist!*


2) Take off the Bandage and wash the area thoroughly using warm water and soap, then PAT DRY.

3) In 2-3 days, you will need to put a small amount of cream/ unscented moisturizer on your tattoo a few times a day. DO NOT use Vasoline or Polysporin on your tattoos.

Repeat this at least 3 times a day for minimum 2 weeks or until healed.

4) DO NOT scratch, or pick at your tattoo; you will damage it.

5) Avoid friction, direct sunlight and soaking of your tattoos for at least 2 weeks.










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