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Jennifer Pain

(Owner / Piercing Artist)

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Before it all, I worked in the medical field as a lab technician and nursing assistant. Not to mention also being a mom to my energetic 12 year old son, Seven Pain. I enjoyed working in the medical field but I knew my life needed more excitement, and more family time. 12 years ago i remember siting in our living room with Kelly, brain storming on ideas to start a tattoo and piercing studio. Not long after, we decided to open up Pleasure and Pain in our home. It worked for a bit, but we knew we needed a store front. It didn't take long before Kelly and I realized that this was going to be big.  We found a location and started pushing PnP Ink even harder. This has become my life, a far cry from being a shy and reserved girl Kelly corrupted, opening up new horizons for me.  Piercings  and tattoos are now my life . I can truly say that PnP Ink has come a long way. Through the rough and tough roads, Kelly and I have  always remained strong, and still going stronger then ever today. The friends that we have made is a family for life, present, and past . I truly honor Kelly for what he has created and for what is yet to come.

I will always cherish Pleasure & Pain Ink.









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