Kelly Pain

(Owner / Body Mod. Specialist)

It all started when I was 7, when it became evident I like to hurt people...  Especially at that early age my parents recognized my extreme abundance of energy, so they bought me a drum set and I took it all the way to a professional platform.


I still play to this present day. Along my crazy path I was enrolled in CUBS, Boy Scouts and Navy Cadets, becoming a lead snare drummer for the corporation and excelling in numerous competitions.


Following all that I found myself as the master of ceremonies for Larry Flint of Hustler Magazine with a following of huge porn stars. I’ve been involved with too many crazy events for any one website to describe.

Life was good, and life was hectic.


After 16 years in that industry I realized that these were just not my caliber of people, spurring me into a new search…


I did my diligence and after some homework began a new journey to my inner evil side, exploring “body modification”.

Tattoo’s & Piercings aren’t only cool but they hurt.

*evil laugh *


As it stands, there is still no counseling available for me.









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