Lancelot Ballantyne

 Senior Artist / Manager

Lancelot was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up near Kennedy rd, he was always attracted to the arts, whether it was through movies, comics, photography, literature, or music. His mother notably even stating the only way she could discipline him early on was to take away his colouring books. By the sixth grade, Lancelot had already created a functioning website featuring his Photoshop manipulations and games for his classmates.

Lancelot moved to Mississauga at the age of 14 to live with his father, but after two short years he left home to pursue his own vision of freedom. Known to his piers for being eccentric and unfiltered, he began developing his style on the streets of Mississauga with spray paint, markers, and anything else he could get his hands on. This included an old film camera from his high school, T.L. Kennedy. After losing his beloved father, Scott, to cancer in 2012, Lancelot began an intense spiritual upheaval. Needing a creative outlet, he bought a new DSLR camera, re-downloaded Photoshop CS2, and got to work.

Lancelot began working for Pleasure and Pain in 2013, leaving his full time union job simply because it wasn't making him happy. He worked the front desk, photographed tattoos and piercings, all the while creating and maintaining the Pleasure and Pain website. While watching the artists work in the studio, his passion for drawing was re-ignited. He started to create artwork on paper that gained the resident tattoo artists appraisal. Then, after three years working the front desk and helping manage the shop, Lancelot started his tattoo apprenticeship. This would be his hardest endeavor yet.

Focusing on linework first, Lancelot began to carve out a name for himself in the city. His attention to detail and ability to create consistently clean lines, coupled with his background in customer service, had some clients literally in tears over how good their tattoo experience was. He his since expanded into dotwork, black and grey realism, neotribal/ornamental, and colour.

After working as a tattoo artist for 5+ years at Pleasure and Pain now, Lancelot has truly become one of the most well rounded artists in Ontario.

Being tattooed by Lancelot is a unique experience. His dedication to the artwork, and his clientele, is above and beyond what you are used to receiving. Between his goal to embody your tattoo dreams, while using his in-depth knowledge of multiple artistic medium theories, Lancelot will craft something you can wear on your body with pride. Something that you can truly love for the rest of your life.

Lancelot specializes in large and medium pieces, fine detail black and grey, fine linework, geometric,

abstract, neotribal/ornamental, mandalas, blackwork, and coverups.













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