Tommy Mac                                         Piercing Artist

Hello they’re my fellow freaks and goons! Mac is the name, piercing is the game. For the better part of over half my life, I have been interested or heavily involved in my satisfaction towards body modification. Growing up I was constantly involved in everything, from art to sports, scouts to travelling the world, and just about everything in between. My focus on life has always pulled me back into the piercings and modification life, altering my body along the way through modification and a lot of ink as well.


  I remember a time long ago how people looked at others, especially people in this life style, with body modifications, tattoos or even larger gauged earrings, and the sheer shock or fright on some of their faces, it always had a humorous spot in my heart. Here I sit now in comparison and see the leaps and bounds this industry has gotten us, and I am relieved to know that our movement of self expression is becoming wildly noticed and accepted more and more by everyone.


   I have found a perfect home here at pleasure and pain ink, and I cant wait to help the input of our next generations of people just like me understand and see that having a body modification view on life isn’t as bad as it used to be and to not be afraid to express themselves. My love and passion for this life style is measur3ed beyond compensation of a normal persons mind, and I’m ok with that, as I love this all, it’s a passionate hobby for me, not work, and that in itself is a blessing in my life.












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